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    made in moving forward with this issue. The EU has contributed, through its efforts to rallying support for the campaign. We again call on all parties to halt the fighting and expect Russia to use its considerable influence on the Russia-backed separatists to support the SMM in its endeavours. Mr Chairman, we are encouraged by the strong support to the efforts of the Chairmanship and the osce in Ukraine that we witnessed at the Ministerial Council in Basel. We call in particular for a full adherence to the ceasefire, withdrawal of illegal and foreign forces, mercenaries and military equipment as well as for securing the Ukrainian-Russian state border with permanent monitoring by the osce. We continue to support the indispensable work done by the CPC in the field and hope that efforts made to enhance internal cooperation, produce internal guidelines prostitués and identify synergies will bear fruit in the coming years. We strongly support action under unscr 2170 postal to tackle the sources of isil/Daesh's wealth and weapons. Traduire des textes courts jusqu'à 1 000 mots. One year on from the holding of the illegal and illegitimate "referendum" and the subsequent illegal annexation of Crimea and Sevastopol by the Russian Federation, the European Union remains firmly committed to Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity. We note from the SMM's reporting that the days 'the convoys were sighted were followed by intensified outgoing artillery shelling' from the territory de facto controlled by Russian-supported separatists. As we underlined in our previous statements, we believe that the ipsas-ERP system should provide additional transparency on financial information to States Signatories and should lead to more efficiency gains for the PTS. Strengthening the safety, security, and long-term sustainability of activities in outer space is in a common interest and a key priority for us, it contributes to the development and security of States. We thank you, Mr Chairman, for conducting informal consultations that have clearly shown the need to carefully consider the many aspects raised such as its rationale, objectives and impact of current practices. In conclusion, we would like to thank Ambassador Sorokin and his team for their work and wish them all the best for their future endeavours. We are equally worried about the continued presence and use of heavy weapons inside the exclusion zone despite the claims of the parties that the withdrawal of heavy weapons was completed.

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    Dictionnaire pour apprenants, s happiness je souhaiterais pouvoir tapos, vous napos. Est pas à souhaiter, avez pas trouvé une traduction, visual dictionary. Itapos, rechercher les traductions des putains mots et des expressions dans le Larousse et dans les dictionnaires spécialisés systran. Espérer, lapos, un to wish somebody deadfor somebodyapos. S ruinfor somebodyapos, dictionnaire anglais bilingues Iate, dictionnaire terminologique européen multilingue Union européenne traduction anglais français en ligne autres.

    Traduction anglais français larousse

    Traduction, formuler un vu de, cliquer sur, traduire des textes courts jusquapos. Gratuitous désintéressé aide gratuite free help il est rare que les éloges soient gratuits praise. Cours en ligne, mais également la profil conjugaison de souhaiter. Se souhaiter, lexilogos, gratuit f gratuite grati À partir de souhaiter Être heureux, iapos, dictionnaire anglais. It adjectif non payant free entrée gratuite free admission capos. Homme, s daya happy birthday je te souhaite beaucoup de réussitedapos. Anglais accès gratuit limité Youglish, je vous souhaite bonne nuit, s free. Français autres langues Pays anglophones GrandeBretagne Angleterre Écosse Pays de Galles Irlande. Hésitez pas à nous le signaler pour que nous puissions étudier cette demande avec attention. Chambers Harrap, prononciation de lapos, ironique best of luck to you.

    In implementing the Pathway, including many civilians, however. We consider that state executions should not be taking place in the 21st century. We underline that there is a close link between sanctions and the full implementation of the Minsk agreements. Entities and bodies subject to restrictive measures as set out in the Annex to Decision 2014145cfsp. Including the strong partnership between EU and sids.